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Events Calendar

Rocks and Rings Gr. 1 - 4

Boston Pizza rescheduled lunch

Grade 6 - The Museum Discovery trip

Cineplex trip "A wrinkle in Time" Gr. 5/6 - 8

Sanderson Centre Trip - Presto Mambo Gr. 1 - 5

Holy Week Paraliturgy and Monthly Assembly

K1 - Apps Mill

Stations of the Cross

Scientist in School Gr. 5/6

Classic Run Training after school

Classic Run Training after school

Scientist in School - 1A

Scientist in School - 1B

Westfield Heritage Museum - 3A, 3B, 3/4

Classic Run Training after school

Parent Council meeting

Classic Run Training after school

Classic Run Training after school

Classic Run Training after school

What Makes our Community Work - Gr. 7

Month end Assembly and Paraliturgy

Choir at Brant Music Festival

Talent Show rehearsal

Talent Show rehearsal

Catholic Student Leadership Award

Chalk it Up Day

Confirmation Night

Safety Patroller Movie trip

School mass in gym

Junior CoEd soccer

Grade 3B, 3/4 Safety village

Parent Council meeting

Water Festival - Gr. 3/4, 4

Gr. 4 Scientist is School

Grade 7 Immunization

Gr. 8 Day at ACS

Kindergarten Orientation

Grade 8 year end trip

Track and Field

Parent council meeting

Native Dance Instruction - Gr. 6/7, 7/8, 8

Student vote - Gr 5-8

Guest Speaker - Gr. 7/8, 8

Volunteer Appreciation

African Lion Safari Gr. 3A/3B

Gr. 5-6 year end trip

County Track Meet

Gr 3/4and Gr. 4 The Museum year end trip

ELKP trip to Twin Valley Zoo

Gr. 7 - Brock University trip

School Closing Mass

Grad Mass and Dance

1A, 1B, 1/2 Mohawk Park/Bowling

Grade 8 Graduation

Gr. 7&8 bowling trip

Last Day of School

School council meeting

Fundraising Distributed

Strong Start training

School mass @ St. Basil church

Soccer Cancellation Date

Gr. 1 Merry Farms

Strong Start training

Last Day to Return Fundraising

Family Math Night

Gr. 7&8 Remembrance Day trip

Library Trip - Grade 5

Library Trip - Grade 6

Grade 7 Immunization

Immunization - St. Basil

Cross Country Cancellation Date

Brant Cross Country Cancellation Date

Paraliturgy and Awards Assembly

Dental Screening JK,SK,2

Parent Council meeting

First Communion Preparation meeting @ church

Progress reports go home

Remembrance Day Service

Grade 8s to ACS

Gr 8 Day Visit to Assumption

Confirmation preparation meeting

Ease Side Mario Day

Safety Village 1B, 2A

Safety Village - 1C, 2B

Safety Village 1A, 2/3

System Wide Parent Council Meeting

Paraliturgy & Awards Assembly

Art With Soul Gr. 5B, 6A

K2, K3 - Mrtyleville House Museum

Grade 2 - Mrytleville

Advent mass @ school

Gr. 2/3, 3A Apps Mill

Gr. 3/4, 3B Apps Mill

Gr. 4, 5A Apps Mill

Christmas concert K-4

Gr. 7&8 Elf the Musical at Dofasco

Paraliturgy & Awards Assembly

New Year's Day

Scientist in School - Mrs. Thompson

Gr. 8 STEM trip

ACS registration visit

Scientist in School - Mrs. Lachance

Grade 8 Student & Parent Info Night at ACS

T.I.C.K. Gr. 6A

Cardboard Boat Race

T.I.C.K. Gr. 6B

Scientist in School - K2, K3

Scientist in School - 6B

Basketball Tournament

East Side Mario

Basketball Tournament Cancellation Date, Holy Trinity

Bsketball Cancellation Date

Paraliturgy & Awards Assembly

Scientist in School - 2A

Parent Council meeting

Museum trip - Gr. 3/4, 4

Scientist in School - Mrs. Jackson

Hot lunch open for March

Grad/Sibling Photos

Gr. 4&5 Symphony at Sanderson Centre

Heritage Day Celebrations

Hot lunch closes for March

Paraliturgy & Awards Assembly

Hot lunch opens for April

Shrove Tuesday

Downs Syndrome Day - wear mismatched socks

Hot lunch closes for April

Scientist in School - Mrs. Giles

Paraliturgy & Awards Assembly

Mrs. Lachance at Apps Mill

Grade 2B,3B,3/4 Crock a Doodle Activity

Scientist in School K2, K3

Hot lunch opens for May

Chocolate Bar fundraising begins

Scientist in School 5B

Gr. 2B,3B,3/4 Crock a Doodle Activity

Parent Council Meeting

Jump rope for Heart Kick off

Arts Night rehearsal

Volleyball Tournament

Stations of the Cross

Hot lunch closes for May

Chocolate Bar Fundraising ends

Earth Day Clean UP

Volleyball Cancellation Date

Confirmation @ St. Basil church

First Communion @ St. Basil church

Safety Patroller Day

Scientist in School Gr. 3/4, 4, 5A

Paraliturgy & Awards Assembly

Skills Canada Competition

ACS Gr. 8 visit

Arts Night - Sanderson Centre

Jump Rope for Heart

Safety village Gr. 3B, 3/4

Parent Council meeting

Parent Council meeting

Aladdin presentation

Jr. Soccer Tournament

Aladdin presentation

Jr. Soccer rain date

Gr. 5 Woodland Cultural Centre

Immunization - St. Basil

ACS Gr. 8 Visit

New Kindergarten Orientation

Paraliturgy & Awards Assembly

Gr. 8 Year end Trip

Have A Go Cancellation Date

Brant Track And Field

gr. 2 Apps Mill

Gr. 5B Apps Mill

Gr. 3 African Lion's Safari

Track and Field Cancellation Date

Gr. 2/3 Scientist in School

Gr. 1A, 1B, 1C

ELKP to Butterfly Conservatory

Gr. 3/4, 4 Circle Square Ranch

Gr. 7 Brock University

Gr. 5&6 Niagara Falls

Grad mass @ St. Basil church @ 10:30

Grade 7&8 bowling

Paraliturgy & Awards Assembly

Back to School

School Photo Day - Gr. K - 4

School Photo Day - Gr. 5 - 8

Opening Mass at School

Parent Council Meeting

NET Retreat - Gr. 7

Let's Walk Day

Co-Ed Soccer, John Wright

Co-Ed Soccer Cancellation Date, John Wright

Kindergarten trip to Brantwood Farms

PA Day - No School

Thanksgiving - No School

Photo Retake Day

Cross Country, D'Aubigny Creek

Dress Purple Day

Cross Country Cancellation Date, D'Aubigny Creek

Gr. 7 Immunization

Parent Council Meeting

Gr 1&2 - Safety Village

Gr. 5 - Public Library trip

Gr. 8 Day @ Assumption

Progress reports sent home

Gr. 8 Camp Celtic Information meeting

Gr. 8 ACS information mtg

PA Day - No School

Advent Christmas mass at school

PA Day - Elementary

Basketball Tournament, Holy Trinity

Basketball Tournament Cancellation Date, Holy Trinity

Family Day - No School

Gr. 1A, 2/3 App's Mill

Gr. 1B, 3A App's Mill

Gr. 1/2, 3B App's Mill

First Reconciliation @ St. Basil Church

Good Friday Holiday

Easter Monday Holiday

Volleyball Tournament , Assumption College

Confirmation Rehearsal @ St. Basil Church

Volleyball Tournament Cancellation Date, Assumption College

Confirmation at St. Basil Church

Gr. 7 Immunization

Jr. Co-Ed Soccer, John Wright

Jr. Co-Ed Soccer, John Wright

Jr. Co-Ed Soccer Cancellation Date, John Wright

First Communion Rehearsal @ St. Basil Church

Victoria Day Holiday

First Communion @ St. Basil Church

Gr. 6A, 6B App's Mill

Gr. 2B, 5A App's Mill

Gr. 4A, 5B App's Mill

Have A Go, Burford

Have A Go Cancellation Date, Burford

PA Day - Elementary

County Track and Field, Lion's Park

Closing School Mass @ St. Basil Church

County Track and Field Cancellation Date, Lion's Park

County Track and Field Cancellation Date, Lion's Park

Gr. 8 Graduate Mass @ St. Basil